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Our Services

 Employment Services 
Employment Services assists job-seeking clients in gaining and retaining employment in the community.
Commercial Laundry
Using an average of 7 million gallons of water and 11,000 pounds of softener salt each month Life Skills produces 4-5 thousand pounds of laundry each day for area hospitals, care centers and restaurants.
Day Hab.jpg
Day Habilitation 
Through our Adult Day Program, individuals with disabilities receive assistance with advocacy, integration, self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills.
Transition Services 
Empower young people with disabilities to explore career options, set goals for their future and overcome challenges they may face along the way.
 Janitorial Services 
Life Skills Training Center currently provides 17 local business and churches with their janitorial services totaling 40 hours per week.
Linen & Floor Mat Services
Floor mats are an important step in preventing slip-and-fall accidents on any wet and slippery floor.  Let Life Skills help you with all of your floor mat needs from the rental of the mats to their maintenance.  We will provide pick up, laundering, delivery, and placement of clean mats.
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