Vocational Training/Supported Employment


The focus of vocational job training is the development of general work skills, habits and attitudes.  We teach a variety of skills:  Interpersonal skills, attitude, cooperation, teamwork, communication skills and time management.

Through the Supported Community Based Employment Program a client received job training .  With the assistance of our job developer and a job coach, he/she may be able to secure a job in the community.  The job coach would help train him/her at this job for several months until both the client and the employer were comfortable with the performance.  Then, the job coach would begin to decrease the amount of time spent with the client and eventually, the client is fully employed and supervised by the employer.


To receive more information about our services, please contact:

Jayme Skadeland

Rehabilitation Manager

712-546-9554 Ext. 103

Kyle has been at working for Schuster Co. since Sept. 2007.  He is very hard working and does an awesome job for us!  He is also a very fun person to have on our team.  Over the years, Kyle has gained many new friends, both co-workers and truck drivers.  Kyle enjoys talking with drivers as they always make it a point to stop to chat with him for a bit.  Thanks Kyle for all your hard work!

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Schuster Co.

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