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Those of us at Life Skills respect the people we serve and recognize that they have a choice.  Our team supports individuals in choosing and participating in jobs and activities that are meaningful to them.  This enables each person we serve to live life to the fullest while achieving the personal growth they desire.
Mission Statement
Life Skills Training Center, Inc. will assist individuals with disabilities achieve their highest desired level of independence.

Vision Statement
It is the desire of Life Skills Training Center, Inc. to see every person with a disability is provided the opportunity to realize the fulfillment of total community citizenship.

Person-Centered Philosophy
Life Skills Training Center, Inc. puts into practice in all services offered our philosophy that all persons we serve are given the right to choose the direction and scope of their training and we are here to help them set their goals and provide the training needed to achieve those goals.

Purpose Statement
Life Skills Training Center, Inc. is committed to the on-going education and training of its staff in order to assist individuals with disabilities in achieving their chosen goals.  Consumer programing will be provided by well-trained, professional staff who will train individuals served in the development of skills necessary to achieve group or individual employment and the social skills necessary for community integration.  In addition, Life Skills is committed to fiscal accountability in the efficient and effective provision of all training services to staff and consumers.
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