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Life Skills has many opportunities to volunteer your time and talents:

  • Painting

  • Landscaping

  • Clerical

  • Play games

  • Crafts

To receive more information about our services or request a tour of our facility, contact
Shelly Thomson
Marketing Development Coordinator
712-546-9554 Ext. 105
1510 Industrial Road SW
Le Mars, IA 51031


Don Nore - Executive Director

Rose Nicoson - Business Manager

Jayme Skadeland - Rehabilitation Manager

Shelly Thomson - Marketing Development Coordinator

Tammie Miller - Accounting Supervisor

Terry Niconson - Facility Supervisor

I grew up with a brother and sister with special needs.  I believe my experiences with them shaped the person I am today.  However, most children do not get that opportunity and because of that, they are scared to interact with people who have mental or physical disabilities.  My students felt timid and scared when we first arrived at Life Skills Training Center, but by the end of the visit, they were warming up to the residents.  They thought it was pretty cool that they go to work just like their own moms and dads, and live in homes just like their families.  They noticed that the residents laugh and have fun with each other, just like they do with their own friends.  I think my students realized they have more in common with each other than they originally thought.  After this experience, I hope my students have a new appreciation for all people and go out into the world and treat all people with kindness, compassion, and respect.

Cheri Herbst
Gehlen Catholic School
Le Mars IA