Christmas Ornaments


Life Skills’ annual Christmas ornaments are hand crafted out of a piece of iridescent glass.  They are cut in the shape of a Christmas tree, adorned with colored rhinestones and wrapped in a light wire which also serves as the hanger.  The ornament is in a gift box and ready to give.  The cost is $12.00 plus shipping.

To receive a discounted price quote for multiple ornaments please contact:
Shelly Thomson
Marketing Development Coordinator
712-546-9554  Ext. 105




Life Skills has this Wonderful program where they make Christmas ornaments for sale every year—they vary them so different every year--- Timmy’s has purchased these for several years & use them for our own Christmas party as gifts & also as gifts to church members—They are BEAUTIFUL--- each one comes in it’s own little package—decorated & ready to give away—It is a great way to show support for Life Skills & a great way to do your Christmas shopping—People love them because they are different every year & they not only get a gift—THEY have a usable keepsake--- Would recommend this to anyone--- Thanks for doing this for the community –Life Skills is the best—Bonnie @Timmy’s Catering


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