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Life Skills Training Center is

a private non-profit organization committed to assisting adults with disabilities to achieve maximum independence and productivity.  A staff of trained professionals has enabled a growing number of persons the opportunity to train/learn and in the

Vocational Training/
Supported Employment


The focus of vocational job training is the development of general work skills, habits and attitudes.  We teach a variety of skills:  Interpersonal skills, attitude, cooperation, teamwork,

Adult Day Service


Adult Day Services are for those who as a result of disability, age, or health concerns require some supervision and/or assistance with social activities for part of their day.  In the Adult Day Services Program, individuals can participate in many activities such as shopping,

Linen & Floor Mat Service


Life Skill Training Center, inc has provided commercial laundry service to hospital, nursing home and the food service industry since Sept 1982.
• Trucks with hydraulic lifts for easy off loading pick up soiled linen daily beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Janitorial Service


If you want to make a good impression on visitors to your office, our janitorial service can make your floors shine and your carpets look great.  Our Janitorial Services are a means for clients to learn and train at a site in the community providing them the opportunity to intergrate with other

Memorial Program

A Living Memorial…an enduring & meaningful way to remember and honor your loved ones & friends.

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Life Skills has many opportunities to volunteer your time and talents..

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